Beach Hobbits

Saturday the Tookish side took over and the wee hobbits went in search of adventure.  One of the tall folk, Ashes, had left us his car for the weekend, so we were able to roam farther afield than usual.  Megan and I had never explored any of the west coast of the island together,  and I’d always wanted to make it down to Sombrio.   So off we went.

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It was  grey and overcast,  but not that cold.  The water is full of surfers  bobbing around like seal pups in their  black neoprene.   There are still traces of foundations from the surfer village that was here till the park was made in the 90’s.  We roamed up the beach exploring into caves and hidden waterfalls till after tea time,  when hunger got the best of us, and we left the adventuring for another day.

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