Hobbits in the mist

January is rainy and wet,  and the little Hobbits feel all cooped up, even in the nice new house we are sharing with Clamb; So we go out in the rain on mini adventures, just to see the sky and feel the wind.








This place is Panama Hill park. It’s pretty Hobbit friendly.







It’s covered in hawthorn.















and has cranberry bogs all around it









It’s wet, of course. Fortunately it’s close to home and the fireplace, and hobbits don’t really mind being wet for short adventures.


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Hobbit Stir-Fry

Made by, but not of real Hobbits.

I often put unexpected elements together in my cooking. Sometimes it’s Mad Science!, and sometimes it’s fusion.

This time it was pure Hobbit.

In the skillet:
White boiler onions, chopped.
English Chestnuts, peeled and blanched.
Brown Crimini Mushrooms, sliced.
Brussel sprouts, sliced and blanched.
Firm Tofu.

Spiced with:
Allspice, nutmeg, oregano and soy-sauce.

and served over brown rice.

Two out of two Burner Hobbits agree would Nom again


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