Wine and Mead

Yesterday was among other things, bottling day.

Megan has a deal worked out with the friend down the hall, Monique, where Monique buys  a wine kit, Megan does the work and they split the end product.
This works out very well for Megan, as it’s not really that much work to make a wine kit, and I almost always help. Even though they are splitting it, and Megan is only getting 15 bottles of wine out of each kit, we are starting to make it faster than we can drink it.

Yesterday  we washed bottles early in the day,  before going out to cabin 12 for lunch and then walking along the beach from Esquimalt Lagoon to Albert Head and back with Ashes. Then, we set up the kiddie pool in the living room so we could bottle out there without making too much mess, while Ashes made dinner in the kitchen, and Megan bottled up her batch of wine, only managing to wear about half a glass of it.  The Barolo is quite tasty, and I look forward  to seeing what it’s like after a few weeks in the bottle.

Then we broke for dinner; Ashes is a very good cook, he pays attention to the little details and cares about presentation. So we ate the evidence before anyone could come along and want to share.

Afterward it was my turn to bottle. One of the reasons we are bottling more wine than we are drinking, is  because I have stupid amounts of mead about the house.  In the fall I put in a 54 liter carboy of mead and I’ve been bottling it in sections.

A few weeks before Christmas I racked some of it into two smaller carboys. One I let go still, and the other I added a liter of honey to, so that it would ferment some more.  The rest I bottled up so that I would have some fizzy mead to drink over the holidays.

Then in January I bottled a little over half of  the still carboy, and froze off the rest of it for honey jack.   The Honey Jack was awesome, and the bottled mead was ok,  no bad tastes, and alcoholic enough, but it is just too light  for me. I want it to have a little more substance.

So yesterday I bottled off the carboy  that I added more honey to. Even while bottling I could tell this had more substance.  It takes a couple weeks in the bottle before it starts to settle into a really decent flavour, so we’ll see at the end of the month.  Of course I ‘m making a bit of Honey Jack off of that one too.  Freeze out the water, skim off the ice, repeat until it just won’t freeze anymore.. you do lose a lot of volume that way.

The one I’m looking forward to is the big carboy I’m splitting with Fletcher. It’s got a lot more honey in it, and is looking like it’ll be quite strong, but that one won’t bottle until April.

Now I have to go clean the kiddie pool that’s sitting in my shower.

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Beach Hobbits

Saturday the Tookish side took over and the wee hobbits went in search of adventure.  One of the tall folk, Ashes, had left us his car for the weekend, so we were able to roam farther afield than usual.  Megan and I had never explored any of the west coast of the island together,  and I’d always wanted to make it down to Sombrio.   So off we went.

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It was  grey and overcast,  but not that cold.  The water is full of surfers  bobbing around like seal pups in their  black neoprene.   There are still traces of foundations from the surfer village that was here till the park was made in the 90’s.  We roamed up the beach exploring into caves and hidden waterfalls till after tea time,  when hunger got the best of us, and we left the adventuring for another day.

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