Happy New Year 2011

Happy 2011. I’m pretty sure that it qualifies as living in a sci-fi age to be able to say Happy 2011.

Coming into the new year, time for reflection on the past year and all that, no big party tonight for us.  We’ve spent Dec 31st sorting and cleaning stuff out of our apt, and discussing our dreams and goals (and enjoying a coffee at Solstice).  I am in a state of contentment and peace that I haven’t had in awhile. It’s a good head space to be in and I hope for it to continue.

I don’t hold with blaming a year for the problems that have been had. It wouldn’t be fair to 2010 to blame it for some of the stress that’s been in my life in the last while.  Besides, there have been some damn fantastic times this year too.

I have a part time job with a Podiatrist, Thanks to my sister in-law, admin assistant work, filing etc. The doc and the receptionist are a married couple who I like quite a bit. It is a bit funny to go from selling shoes to working with a podiatrist. I tell you there are some not so pretty feet in the world. Take care of your feet and love them.
It is a good job, but I will be keeping my eyes open for another part time job that suits as well.

It’s been noted that we have not been active in the SCA in the last year and a bit.  I have been in the SCA since i was a small child, around 5ish, I have seen it grow and change and bog down in red tape and politics.  Frankly, it’s just not been fun for me anymore.  There are some great people I don’t want to lose, but I am mostly done with it for now. Perhaps another post on that later.

What have we been doing? Well, we have been active in the regional Burning Man Community here in Vic. People are not afraid to play. Playing is very important to me! People are encouraging of each other and becoming a supportive community. (Yes, I did just take a drink)
The love and friendships we have developed in the burner community in such a short time is absolutely heart warming. ❤
This year was my first Burning Man, it wont be my last, there is no explaining it. Either you get it, or you don’t.

In the coming year,
My birthday is Sunday. I’m not dragging everyone to the bar with me this year.  I am enjoying the calm.  I may go to the RBCM. Sunday is the first day of entry by donation week.

Also this week I start my last anthropology class for my BA. I was suppose to finish it before, but sometimes life has other plans.  This time I am only doing the one class. No distraction with my art classes. Anth 419 Globalizing Culture, for those who are wondering.  I will be on VIU Campus one day a week.  Finishing my BA will be a great sense or relief. It’s been a long time coming.

There are big plans to attend Burning Man this year already in the works, and I will be looking into applying to Camosun in Fine arts for the fall.

Most importantly, I look forward to another year with my husband.


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Only one more sleep

Only one more sleep till Christmas. Usually I’m in calm mellow mode, but Christmas eve is always exciting, probably because Megan keeps breaking into little happy dances every time she remembers it’s Christmas.

Work gives us a half day today,  a half day at new years eve, and a full day between the two. (besides the stats.)  Most people break up the full day between the two half days, so they don’t have to come in at all on either of the eves.  I prefer to work the half days  and take the day after boxing day off.  The half day is awesome,  there’s not as many interruptions because there is nobody here, the lunchroom table is full of cookies, the fridge is full of cranberry juice, eggnog and mix,  and occasionally someone will pop around with a box of chocolates or oranges, and drop off a card.

This afternoon I’ll go out and pick up those last couple things,  something for Megan’s stocking that I saw yesterday when she was with me, and something more for the roommate. I’m against all the overblown commercialism at Christmas, but there’s something about going to pick up that thing you think she’ll love and watching all the crazy shoppers doing the last minute panic dance. Then I’ll go home and help clean the place up, do some last minute baking, play punk Christmas music,  feed some rum to Kayla and Megan and pick Dorothy up from the ferry. ( or maybe drink some rum with Kayla and let Megan pick Dorothy up from the ferry)  in any case there will be rum, and my girls.

Later tonight, if it’s not raining, we’ll walk up to summit park and keep an eye out for Santa, sometimes when the weather is clear you can see his sleigh flying very fast from rooftop to rooftop. It’s amazing how spry that fat old elf  is.

Merry Christmas  my friends, where-ever you may be.


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Hello world!

Hello and Merry Christmas to all

Welcome to our new Blog

This Christmas everyone seems spread to the four winds. Edd’s parents are blogging their boondocking adventures in the American south west. Megan’s dad is off in California, and her mom is spending the holidays visiting Tavis, Christa, Logan,  and Kimberly in Campbell River.

We decided early on that this would be a stay at home Christmas, and are quite enjoying small gatherings of friends, baking cookies and brewing mead. Edd’s daughter, Kayla, will be joining us Christmas day, as will Dorothy, our close friend.
Of course, the problem with a stay at home Christmas, is that so many of our family and good friends are elsewhere, and we never have the time to get in the visits we’d like.
So when the Digital  Christmas cards and Family Christmas Emails started rolling in,  we decided to do the thing one step short of matching outfits,  start a Couple Blog.

This year seems a decade long,  we managed to pack in a lot of fun.  In January, Edd organized  the cocoa crawl on his birthday, which was a pub crawl style tour of coffee shops that have good hot chocolate,  but he didn’t tell anyone that it was his birthday, lots of fun was had with no fuss. He also used a lot of his event management experience to run an event for the local burning man regional group. It made them some money and everyone partied all night long.

We did a lot of camping in the spring and summer, attending Some SCA  events, some burner events, the Macdonald family camp,  and doing some regular old fashioned drinking beer while hanging out at the river camping  too.  The big trip, of course, was Burning Man. Megan’s first burn, and Edd’s second, was the big event of the year, and it was as incredible and as inspiring as you can imagine.

It wasn’t all roses and sunshine, every year has it’s down moments and this one was no different. Megan’s parents went their separate ways over the holidays, and Edd lost his grandmother in the summer.  Megan’s grandmother rounded out the the trouble that comes in threes by breaking her hip in November and is still in the hospital.

2011 is looking up however, Megan is just one class away from finishing her Anthropology  degree and is returning to Vancouver Island University to finish it.  Edd is due a salary bump which kicks in on Christmas day.  Our Burning Man travel plans have already begun, and we are considering following Jean and Skip’s example and going somewhere warmer for next Christmas.

Meanwhile, thank you for reading,  Happy Holidays,  and we hope you will join us for many exciting adventures in the year(s) to come.

Megan & Edd

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