This is it, the big one, the one i’ve been waiting for..again. lol

My last semester at VIU. Not only is it just one last semester I’m only taking one class, this one fulfills my last grad requirement with a BA in Anthropology. Woot!

ANTH 419  Globalizing Culture: A Critical Perspective

An examination of the culture of consumer capitalism and its impact on peoples around the world. Topics include population growth, poverty, environmental sustainability, and ethnic conflict and their relationship to global processes. Resistance to the globalization process by way of local protest and rebellion is also discussed.


I am actually quite interested in the topic so far, and that helps a great deal. Poor Edd though, I may be unbearable to live with while i go off about capitalism randomly through the semester. (For the record it is not a capitalism bashing course, though the instructor fully admits she is biased, but she has lived and worked in some of the countries affected by capitalism)

I believe this is the first Anth class i’ve taken that turns and introspective look in on our own culture, and in return how that affects the cultures around us. Some of you may be yawning at this point, I think its fascinating.

Our text book is called Global Problems and the Culture of Capitalism byRichard H.Robbins. So far it is well written and easy to follow. I would definitely recommend it for anyone who is interested. He even talks about the Philosophers stone in the intro.


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  1. nope, not yawning! totally fascinated:)

  2. Sounds awesome. Keep us informed!

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