Winter is project time.

January. Meh.
The sunlight is gone and won’t be back until March. It’s not that long, and often I’m feeling the lack of sunlight in November, but it’s still affecting my mood.

But I will rise above it!!  Instead of being outside in the sun, I’m beginning work on a website. I want to publish my short stories and serialize some of my longer ones, maybe even put some of the poetry up. (serious maybe)
There are a growing numbers of people writing web fiction, and it makes more sense to me than looking for a publisher, especially for fairy tales and short stories.
It’s going to take a while to get it to a point where I’ll actually launch it, but it’s a good project to get me working on my writing more than just doing a NaNoWriMo every November.

I have other projects on the go as well; I signed on as the Volunteer coordinator for the C.O.R.E. entry that BurnVic is putting together, and we are working at forming BurnVic into a Nonprofit.
That should, in theory, be enough to stop me wasting all my time on facebook games, and hopefully the BurnVic stuff will get me out of the house and being social, maybe if I hang out with enough burners I’ll feel that desert sun
♥ Edd

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