Only one more sleep

Only one more sleep till Christmas. Usually I’m in calm mellow mode, but Christmas eve is always exciting, probably because Megan keeps breaking into little happy dances every time she remembers it’s Christmas.

Work gives us a half day today,  a half day at new years eve, and a full day between the two. (besides the stats.)  Most people break up the full day between the two half days, so they don’t have to come in at all on either of the eves.  I prefer to work the half days  and take the day after boxing day off.  The half day is awesome,  there’s not as many interruptions because there is nobody here, the lunchroom table is full of cookies, the fridge is full of cranberry juice, eggnog and mix,  and occasionally someone will pop around with a box of chocolates or oranges, and drop off a card.

This afternoon I’ll go out and pick up those last couple things,  something for Megan’s stocking that I saw yesterday when she was with me, and something more for the roommate. I’m against all the overblown commercialism at Christmas, but there’s something about going to pick up that thing you think she’ll love and watching all the crazy shoppers doing the last minute panic dance. Then I’ll go home and help clean the place up, do some last minute baking, play punk Christmas music,  feed some rum to Kayla and Megan and pick Dorothy up from the ferry. ( or maybe drink some rum with Kayla and let Megan pick Dorothy up from the ferry)  in any case there will be rum, and my girls.

Later tonight, if it’s not raining, we’ll walk up to summit park and keep an eye out for Santa, sometimes when the weather is clear you can see his sleigh flying very fast from rooftop to rooftop. It’s amazing how spry that fat old elf  is.

Merry Christmas  my friends, where-ever you may be.


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  1. It sounds like you will have a perfect Christmas, I
    will be missing you and Megan. Have fun be happy

    Love Jean

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