Hello world!

Hello and Merry Christmas to all

Welcome to our new Blog

This Christmas everyone seems spread to the four winds. Edd’s parents are blogging their boondocking adventures in the American south west. Megan’s dad is off in California, and her mom is spending the holidays visiting Tavis, Christa, Logan,  and Kimberly in Campbell River.

We decided early on that this would be a stay at home Christmas, and are quite enjoying small gatherings of friends, baking cookies and brewing mead. Edd’s daughter, Kayla, will be joining us Christmas day, as will Dorothy, our close friend.
Of course, the problem with a stay at home Christmas, is that so many of our family and good friends are elsewhere, and we never have the time to get in the visits we’d like.
So when the Digital  Christmas cards and Family Christmas Emails started rolling in,  we decided to do the thing one step short of matching outfits,  start a Couple Blog.

This year seems a decade long,  we managed to pack in a lot of fun.  In January, Edd organized  the cocoa crawl on his birthday, which was a pub crawl style tour of coffee shops that have good hot chocolate,  but he didn’t tell anyone that it was his birthday, lots of fun was had with no fuss. He also used a lot of his event management experience to run an event for the local burning man regional group. It made them some money and everyone partied all night long.

We did a lot of camping in the spring and summer, attending Some SCA  events, some burner events, the Macdonald family camp,  and doing some regular old fashioned drinking beer while hanging out at the river camping  too.  The big trip, of course, was Burning Man. Megan’s first burn, and Edd’s second, was the big event of the year, and it was as incredible and as inspiring as you can imagine.

It wasn’t all roses and sunshine, every year has it’s down moments and this one was no different. Megan’s parents went their separate ways over the holidays, and Edd lost his grandmother in the summer.  Megan’s grandmother rounded out the the trouble that comes in threes by breaking her hip in November and is still in the hospital.

2011 is looking up however, Megan is just one class away from finishing her Anthropology  degree and is returning to Vancouver Island University to finish it.  Edd is due a salary bump which kicks in on Christmas day.  Our Burning Man travel plans have already begun, and we are considering following Jean and Skip’s example and going somewhere warmer for next Christmas.

Meanwhile, thank you for reading,  Happy Holidays,  and we hope you will join us for many exciting adventures in the year(s) to come.

Megan & Edd

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  1. Yay, great to see you blog. Thanks for sharing 🙂 BTW – Edd, I went on that cocoa crawl and didn’t even know if was your birthday?!? You is sneeky!

  2. Cocoa crawl? There are places that -don’t- serve that same
    shoddy, pre-mixed, over-sweetened, artificially-flavored pap that
    they call “hot chocolate”?!? Will you be my tour guide, please?

  3. Hi nice blog,

    Understand you’ll have a green Christmas, we are staying here in the Sonoran desert, we had one day of rain now it is sunny and warm…and green.

    Love jean

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